How to Choose the Right Mover!

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How to Choose the Right Mover

Not all moving companies are the same. Most are primarily focused on residential moves with little to no experience dealing with office moves or the requirements of the property managers their client is working with. Personally, I would never choose one of these to perform an office move.

Some are hybrids and have both a residential and a commercial division. They have dedicated sales people and dedicated movers that focus primarily on commercial office moves.

Then there are the those who only do office moves. They have a 100% commitment to the industry and in most cases are not licensed to do residential moves.

So, how do you choose? Well that depends. Your move type will determine it more than anything. Here are some factors that will play into the decision for choosing the right company for your move:

  1. Number of employees
  2. Is there a server room
  3. Is there Modular Furniture

While these factors are important they are only part of the story. From a mover perspective, I also want to know:

  1. How much commercial experience do they have
  2. Do they use all employees, all contractors or a hybrid of the two
  3. What is their reputation among building managers
  4. What is their reputation among past customers
  5. How much modular furniture experience do they have
  6. Have they moved server rooms before
  7. What is there BBB score

These important questions help me narrow my search and will likely give me the best 2-3 office movers for my type move.

At this point I want to understand their process for quoting a move, their process for protecting both buildings and structure for completing the move.

Once I have collected all the data and requested quotes from those I feel are qualified, I begin the process of comparing apples to oranges, I say that because every company will have a different idea on how to accomplish the goal. Especially if the move is rather large. And while no one idea is really better than the other, how the pricing works can be confusing to someone who doesn't know what's really necessary.

So I pull out the things that matter most and compare those. Here is a short list of things I compare.

  1. Number of supervisors and their rate per hour
  2. Number of installers and their rate per hour
  3. Number of movers and their rate per hour
  4. Number of trucks and their rate per hour
  5. Box count and the cost
  6. Packing cost and count
  7. Total number of hours estimated
  8. If it is a large job, is there a satisfaction day accounted for
  9. Is there a cost for material delivery

What's important to note is that some companies will pad their rates to give free packing and some companies will drop their rate per hour and charge for things like packing and material delivery. So you want to compare these things as apples to apples as you can to make a decision on who is the lowest price if the job were to go 10% longer or 10% shorter. Not just if things go perfectly.

I hope that this helps those of you looking to move. If this is a little overwhelming, you are not alone. Just call me and I will help.

Steve Jones

CEO - Ideal Moves

How to Choose the Right Mover