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About Us

About us Ideal MovesWhat is Ideal Moves?

Hi, my name is Steve Jones and I am the the Founder of Ideal Moves. A place where experience moves you!

I started this business after spending time with my old friends in the moving industry. I say old because I have known most of the key players in Louisville for over 25 years. That’s when I started in the business. Right out of High School.

I loved the business so much that I actually switched my major in College to Transportation Logistics and found myself enjoying an incredible crazy ride for nearly 15 years.

While leaving was difficult, I became enthralled with the idea of technology. So, I found myself working for and running sales divisions for two large technology companies. (Totally, the grass is always greener scenario.)

In 2010 the entrepreneur bug hit me. So, I went on my own. I started a mattress store and sold it, began an Advertising Firm and sold it to my biggest client and then went in to eCommerce which I enjoy very much.

But over time I began to really miss the moving world. So, after a few conversations with old friends, I knew that I could make a real difference for companies by leveraging my; experience with commercial moves, technology experience and business experience to remedy the stress that happens for a company when they move.

Alas, 25 years in the making, Ideal Moves was born.

Our unique understanding of how these things interrelate and how the timelines can often overlap gives our clients an advantage of time and expense when relocating their businesses.

While there is no such thing as a perfect move, Ideal Moves allow our customers the peace of mind that every potential problem has been accounted for during the planning stage. And because we have such a strong relationship with vendors, we know that what ever the obstacle, a solution is easily obtained.